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Test your Influence Quotient
How good are you at persuading people?
Are you a Perfectionist? Are You Naughty or Nice? Are You an Open Book?
The Profiler
This free personality test is the key to your future success and will help you stand out from your peers.
The Room
Personality test based on how you would organize your room.
Fun Tests!
From a measure of your ability to reason in tough situations to how good a friend are you.
Insight Compass
Allows participants to set their own course of personal discovery, either taking a yearlong (approximate) online journey of personal and professional development.
Work Personality Index

A useful starting point in any development program is to assess individuals by measuring their abilities, preferences, and performance.
Your Charisma Quotient
This profile is used to help people determine how charismatic they are and includes suggestions on how to improve each of the seven keys of personal charisma.
Personality Online
As a registered user, you can take each test 3 times over a period of time and compare the results from each time.
ABCs of Personal Growth
Self help personality quizzes that examine your thinking, emotions (love, anger, etc.) or spirituality.
Thinking, working and emoting style, takes 45-60 minutes.
Colour Quiz

Free 5 minute personality test.
Personality Assessment
Find out your true nature - Are you an introvert or an extrovert, sensate or intuitive, are you the thinking or feeling type. Costs $19.95
Collection of free, professionally developed personality tests scored online. Includes self esteem, coping skills, optimism, extroversion, resilience, perfectionism, and many more.
Personality Traits and Work Styles

Take an online test and pay $7.95 to view the above report and receive 25 career suggestions.
Spiritual Interest Quiz
Use this interactive quiz to discover your own level of spiritual awareness, or to stimulate your interest in spiritual things.
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
The fun, interesting, and revealing test that tells you if you're an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist.
Values, Attitudes, and Lifestyles

Test that relates personality characteristics to purchase behaviors.
A unique personality test based on answering the question: What would your medieval vocation have been?
How tolerant are you?
An implicit association is a mental response that is so well learned as to operate without awareness, or without intention, or without control, measure your unconscious bias.
Know Your Own Mind
Covering the areas of Introversion/Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Determinism, Social & Political Attitudes.
Personality Test Site

Contains fun and serious personality tests.
Soup Personality Test

How you eat your soup says something about your personality. To find out, though, you have to provide your e-mail address.
The ORA Personality Profiler
Can reliably predict whether a person's business preparation will lead to success or failure. Costs $22.95
Online Personality Test
Examine your susceptibility to depression, loneliness, anxiety, and relationship problems.
Kyko Personality Profile
Free online personality test that describes how you manage and influence people.
Social Quotient
Compare yourself to qualities people actually seek in others.
Quick Personality Test

A simple ten question personality test to discover your personality.
Personality Disorder Test
This test is meant to help determine whether or not you have a personality disorder.
Offers paid online tests designed to help you explore facets of your personality
The Meta Development Tests
It's a "pay" site, $5 for each test on - Self-concept, Anxiety, Motivation, Psychological Independence, Emotional Maturity, Getting Along With Others, Marriage Satisfaction, Common Sense, Depression.
The Profnet Personality Test
This profile is used to help business professionals develop stronger business relationships and better networking skills.
Simple psychological quizzes of the humorous and downright silly kind.
Marriage Test

This test is based on the famous approach of Jung-Myers-Briggs to personality and gives a quantitative measure of partners compatibility. The fee for this test is $3.00
Work Interest Quiz
You’ll be given the two out of six work types that will most likely fit with the kind of person you are.
Virtual Diagnostics
Career diagnostic tools and developmental resources.
Your Mentor
Receive a clearer insight into your own personal development and self awareness.
All about your career, personality, health and relationships.
The Platinum Rule

Personalized behavioral style assessment report at $29.97
Are you a good sports parent?
Do you help your child when s/he is on the field or in a sport, or do you unknowingly hinder their progress with well-meaning but subtle undermining words and actions?
All About You
Your perception about yourself in a variety of situations. Results are instant, free, and anonymous!
Political Compass
Questionnaire designed to test one's political position beyond the standard left-right scale.
Offers a color based test to test your personality and career matches.
Psychology Help
Attempts to address issues surrounding relationships, grief, terror, anger, jealousy, and more.
Cognitive Styles
Cognitive styles are a hardware difference in the mind that influences childhood development.
Swirve Personality Test
Answer a few questions and learn just how compatible you and your friends are!
Functional Preferences Instrument

An automatically scoring 33-question multiple choice instrument, designed for on-line use.
What's in Your Name?

A site that lets you determine your personality based upon the energies inherent in your first name.
Organizational Diagnostics
Is your job stunting your personal growth and expression? Or take the Personality Profiler, an assessment designed for individuals who would like to know how to achieve their maximum potential.
Free Personality Testing
About your role in a team.
The Techno Personality Test
This test measures how your personality relates to technology and strengths and weaknesses you may have in relating to technology both at home and in the workplace.
The Symbol Test
Choose 2 out of 5 symbols in order of preference, then look to see what your personality type is. Personality Test
Just pick the shape out of 9 that most appeals to you, and read what it says about your temperament.
Internet Mental Health Quality of Life Scale

It measures social and occupational functioning, mental health, physical health, and progress. NumberQuest
Numerology purports to determine a person's personality, strengths, talents, and weaknesses and potential threats based upon their birth name and date.
The MindMedia Mindviewer
Mindviewer asks you a series of multiple-choice questions about yourself or someone you wish to know better.
This test purports to measure to what degree you adhere to the stereotypes of "masculine" or "feminine."
The College Personality Quiz
80-question test instrument that helps determine what type of college settings you would best perform in.
Survey on Personality and Health
Completing this survey takes only about fifteen minutes.
Ronin Personality Indicator
A tool which can be used to profile your personality, or the personality of your employees.
The Insight Personality Test
Your personality is the core of your activies, your preferences and your choices in life.
Relationship Tests
From how good a father are you to office party quiz.
Mapping of Rules (MOR)
Identify some of the rules in your family, you can decide which rules you like and choose to keep and which rules are a burden and should be changed.
Implicit Association Test
The IAT was originally developed as a device for exploring the unconscious roots of thinking and feeling. These are a series of assessments used to evaluate your basic attitudes toward various social groups, including those of age, race, and gender.


About Personality Types

Most personality tests are based on the typologies that were identified by Carol Jung. He identified different personality typologies and subsequent researchers developed 16 personality types from his original work. These types are based on the following polarities:

Extrovert (E) versus Introvert (I)

Sensory (S) versus Intuitive (N)

Thinking (T) versus Feeling (F)

Perception (P) versus Judgment (J)

Extroversion Types
Introversion Types
ESFJ Personality Type
As well as being directed towards external phenomena you are responsive to sensory, feeling and organizational factors.

Counselors, child care, social workers
ISFJ Personality Type
You are a well-grounded person who gets on well with people and deals with everyday issues in an organized way.

Teachers, health workers, librarians
ESTJ Personality Type
Your personality is strong on thinking as well as being oriented towards external, sensory and organizational matters

Financial manager, supervisors
ISTJ Personality Type
As well as having good self-acceptance, you are reflective, organized and focused on the world around you.

Accountants, engineers, technicians
ESFP Personality Type
You are good at adjusting to new situations in a feeling manner as well as being sensitive and outward directed.

Child care, secretaries, counselors
ISFP Personality Type
You adjust well to new situations and relate through your feelings. You are responsible and respond well to sensory factors.

Stock clerks, outdoor workers, painters
ESTP Personality Type
As well as being able to adjust to new situations you think carefully about your responses to the world.

Builders, plumbers, carpenters
ISTP Personality Type
You think deeply as you adjust to new situations, while you are well grounded and respond to the world in an ongoing way.

Craft workers, statisticians, technicians
ENFJ Personality Type
You are organized, intuitive, outward directed and rely on feelings a great deal.

Counselors, teachers, home economists
INFJ Personality Type
Your intuitions go hand in hand with your self-acceptance. You are strong on the feeling and organizational dimensions.

Psychiatrists, teachers, writers
ENTJ Personality Type
As well as being an intuitive, and organized person with an orientation towards the world you make thoughtful decisions.

Lawyers, managers, operations research
INTJ Personality Type
Thoughtful reflections, intuition, organized strategies and autonomy are key dimensions to your personality orientation.

Engineers, scientists, social scientists
ENFP Personality Type
You are an intuitive, feeling, perceptive person who is orientated towards the world around you.

Actors, musicians, Teachers
INFP Personality Type
You adjust well to new situations. You relate through feelings and intuition. You are well grounded in yourself.

Editors, psychologists, artists.
ENTP Personality Type
You think well and intuitively as well as making perceptive decisions towards the outer world.

Photographers, sales, Journalists
INTP Personality Type
As well as being intuitive and well grounded you think well before making decisions that are based on your own perceptions.

Scientists, engineers, writers.

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