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About IQ Tests

People are surprisingly similar to each other. We all eat, drink, think, plan, and seek our goals. Yet, within these broad similarities are differences - uniqueness among individuals. Some are more artistic than others. Some might even be more intelligent than others.

Psychologists have long been intrigued by individual differences, and they have developed an array of tests to try to measure these differences. When they focus their attention on the way people differ in their ability to think, reason, and remember, then they raise questions about intelligence.

A General Intelligence Quotient Score (IQ Score) is a statistically derived number which indicates relative and comparative abilities that can be used to obtain academic skills and knowledge. You have hundreds of specific mental abilities. Some of these abilities can be measured accurately. Some of these measurements can be reliable predictors of an individual's academic achievements.

It is very important to always keep in mind that an IQ test does not measure most kinds of human abilities such as musical talent, artistic talent, emotional stability, physical coordination, or spiritual level. A higher IQ score is not a guarantee that an individual will achieve happiness, maintain sanity, or obtain spiritual growth. A lower IQ score does not mean that an individual will be unsuccessful financially, emotionally, or morally.


Listed below are some internet resources for those interested in taking free IQ tests. These tests are designed to give you some idea how "intelligent" you are in the traditional sense. Some give you a "real" IQ score while others just give a percentage or point score. Take these tests for fun, and don't take the results to heart.

There is no time limit here. The test is relatively easy with options stated for each question. The scoring pattern is quite thorough and interesting.
This is a time-bound test, set in a true or false format. The catch is that having taken the test and obtained the score, the Intelligence Report must be paid for. The test is rather difficult.
Free online IQ tests
Here you will find a variety of tests, both online as well as downloadable. Just answer 40 questions in half an hour and you'll get your IQ calculated.
Has IQ tests for different levels.
Mind Sports Worldwide
Two new free puzzles for you every weekday by Puzzle Design and Creative Thinking medalist David Bodycombe.
It has 5-minute "fluid intelligence" tests, which are among the oldest IQ test formats on record. It's known as a sentence completion test since you simply select the most appropriate word to complete each short sentence. Although this test is primarily a measure of vocabulary and verbal processing speed and accuracy, it correlates very highly with standardized IQ tests.
Enigmatic Puzzle IQ Test
This IQ test is purely for your entertainment. Take as much time as you like, possibly using more than one session, and use any reference and calculating aids you wish.
A free T/F type online IQ test. Features a built-in 10-minute timer and an automatic score system.
Serious IQ Test
Takes 45 minutes to complete !
Daily IQ Test
There are five parts to this daily-changing IQ quiz: vocabulary, spelling, word jumble, geography and psychology.

Short IQ test
Just 30 questions and you can possibly score 120!

There are 60 questions, some are easy, but don't be overconfident, the questions get harder as the test progresses.
Emotional Intelligence Quotient
So far, there's no single, well-validated paper-and-pencil test for emotional intelligence like an IQ test, but there are many situations in which the emotionally intelligent response is quantifiable.
How intelligent are you?
Take the Stupidity Test and challenge your brain ! Just grab a piece of paper and give yourself 5 minutes to take the test.
IQ test in 2 languages
This one uses Flash, and there are 3 tests of varying time length. Also has a Danish version.

IQ Test
This test should only be taken once. You should not use more than 30 min. to complete the test. When you have done the test, you might like to see the list of the 100 most intelligent people who have visited this site.
Analytic IQ Test
This test intends to measure your IQ. You have only 30 minutes, the maximum IQ is 170.
Human Information Technology
4 tests of planning, problem solving, memory and attention. First prize of £2000, runners-up prizes of £300 and £200.
IQ Test Online
Do You have the IQ of Einstien or a Cucumber? Time around 30 minutes.
Your IQ

There are daily IQ tests, optical illusions, Abandonware games.

Intelligence Test
The average value of the intelligence quotient is 100. This is based on people of 16 years and older. This test takes 45 minutes.
The Fast, Comprehensive IQ Test
The intelligence test is a carefully formatted exam, with five popular IQ factors being evaluated: pattern recognition, arithmetic, logic, spatial skills and processing speed. The test consists of 32 questions and should take an average of 12 minutes to complete.
Fun IQ test

Has 50 questions, time less than 30 minutes.
MatrixA IQ Test
This test measures an IQ up to 150. It consists of 18 questions and requires only 12 minutes !
MatrixB IQ Test
22 questions / 30 minutes. This test intends to measure the extremely high-IQ !

Abstraction Aptitude Test
This aptitude test contains 25 questions used to check your abstraction and categorization abilities. The given score does not correspond with your IQ score, but gives you an idea about your abstract intelligence level.
Numeric Aptitude Test
This aptitude test contains 27 questions about numbers and arithmetic relations. The given score does not correspond to your IQ score, but gives you an idea about your numeric intelligence level.
IQ-2 test
This test is something to exercise your gray matter.
Dominoes IQ Test
This IQ test contains 30 questions and gives a score between 75 and 170 !
Formal Operations Test
Record your answers on a sheet of paper. Give yourself 40 minutes to complete the test.

IQ Test: How Smart Are You?
What are the secrets of scoring high on an IQ Test? The Online Psych IQ test is the only IQ Test online that not only scores your IQ in about 15 minutes, but also makes you smarter!
UnIQue IQ tests
These tests are provided for entertainment purposes only. In order to play all these tests on-line you have to install Macromedia Flash plugin.
Quick IQ Test
Short 15 question test, to see how smart you are! Get 10 or more correct to be listed on the top scorer's page.
Memory Test
The following brief memory test will show you how the brain's method of storing information in categories. You need the Shockwave plug-in to view this page.
IQ Quizzes
New quizzes with automated scoring on Wednesdays!

Are you a logical thinker?
Determine your logical reasoning abilities, respond to 8 problems.
IQ test
This test is based on an article in "American Scientist" of february 1998 explaining that in general IQ's have gone up in the past 60 years or so.
Test your I.Q.
This test has been carefully designed to measure the general intelligence level of both adults and children 9 years or older.
Quick Logic
6 Questions, a few quick logic problems to help kick-start the brain.
KQ Score
A general knowledge measurement system, has quizzes on subjects ranging from astronomy to architecture.
Mensa Workout
This quiz is provided for entertainment purposes only, it is not an IQ test. This score will not qualify you for Mensa.
Verbal reasoning test
Suitable for nine to twelve-year-old children and a challenge for parents! There are 25 questions and the time limit is 13 minutes.
Turknett Leadership Group Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Quiz
Quiz measures the affective and cognitive aspects of empathy, an essential component of Emotional Intelligence.
IQ Test
This one gives you unlimited time to solve, and also has a Slovak version.
IQ Test & Quiz Page
There are plenty of quizzes here to amuse, entertain, and enlighten. Most of them are geared toward academic puzzles and are great for high school and college students.

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