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Canadian Education Exchange Foundation

International educational exchanges offer educators and their students an opportunity to broaden their understanding of one another's cultures, customs and languages.

Manitoba Teacher Exchange Program
Exchange opportunities for Manitoba teachers are available with Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Federal Republic of Germany (teachers must be fluent in the language), and other Canadian Provinces. There is also an exchange program with Quebec and France.

ATSEC - Australian TAFE staff exchange
The Australian TAFE Staff Exchange Council (ATSEC) has been established to assist in the internationalization of TAFE through the promotion of professional development opportunities for staff of member institutes both in Australia and overseas.

Alberta Teacher Exchange
A program that promotes job swaps (and homes) with teachers in Australia, the UK, the US, Spain, Germany, or other provinces in Canada.

Tasmanian Teacher Exchange Program
Information for Tasmanian teachers wanting to participate in an exchange program.

Teacher Exchange Register
The Teacher Exchange Register aims to allow teachers throughout the world to establish contact with each other in order to find suitable matches for a possible teaching exchange.

Teacher Exchange Opportunities
Teachers have expressed an interest in exchange programs that would allow them to teach in Australia for a year. Because of visa problems, such exchanges are often conducted at the state level.The site identifies exchange programs in different states and details are produced here.Also information about student teaching opportunities in Australia is provided.

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