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Teacher Exchange Europe
Offers opportunity to follow one of the most effective and enjoyable forms of professional development while keeping the security of your job in the UK. If you are a Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages you can exchange your post with a colleague from Austria, France, Germany, Spain or Switzerland. You retain your UK salary and receive funding from the British Council to cover your return travel.

British Council Exchange Program
Working with partners in the UK, the British Council helps to share British expertise and talent with over 100 countries worldwide.

London Exchange Teachers' Club
A voluntary organization of people who have enjoyed successful exchanges in the past and now are pleased to arrange events for current exchange teachers.

UK Exchange Teachers' Clubs
The Exchange Teachers' Clubs are voluntary organizations made up of people who have themselves enjoyed successful exchanges in the past, and now are pleased to arrange events for current exchange teachers and members.

The Transliteratures Project
The Transliteratures Project encourages and coordinates an exchange process by which students in one foreign literature with professional knowledge in another foreign language taught at Rutgers may be able to teach at least one undergraduate course in that second foreign language. The idea is that while the mention on one's C.V. of the knowledge of a second foreign language can be helpful in looking for a teaching position, it pales in comparison with a C.V. mentioning that the candidate has actually taught that second foreign language in a university.

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