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ATL - The Association of Teachers and Lecturers
ATL is a professional association and trade union representing over 160,000 teachers, lecturers and education support staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. ATL members work in both the maintained and independent sectors from early years to further education and include all those directly involved in the delivery of education to pupils and students.

NASUWT is one of the largest teachers' unions with over 200,000 members and the only one to organize in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. NASUWT has members in all sectors of education and represents teachers in all roles including heads and deputies.NASUWT is not linked to any political party.NASUWT is a member of the TUC and is linked to other national and international trade union organization and represented on a wide range of professional, educational and advisory bodies.

NUT - The National Union of Teachers
The NUT has acted consistently to promote teachers' professional judgment in the organization of the curriculum and assessment at Key Stage.The NUT has argued consistently for secondary schools to be able to provide a curriculum which is appropriate for all young people.It supports long term proposals for a Post-16 Overarching Certificate as a means of creating a greater integration between academic and vocational courses.

PAT - The Professional Association Of Teachers

The Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) is an independent trade union and professional association for teachers, head teachers, lecturers; education support staff (PAtT) and, in Professional Association of Nursery Nurses (PANN) section, nursery nurses, nannies and other childcarers.


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