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Study Links Truancy To Consumerism

Truancy is not a trend among poor or troubled children as some might assume, but rather the direct result of students acting as consumers of their education, according to a study of high school students conducted by Bruce S. Cooper, Ph.D., and Rita Guare, Ph.D., of Fordham University's Graduate School of Education.

Manual to Combat Truancy
Truancy is the first sign of trouble; the first indicator that a young person is giving up and losing his or her way. When young people start skipping school, they are telling their parents, school officials and the community at large that they are in trouble and need our help if they are to keep moving forward in life...

Supporting Education through Truancy Reduction Strategy
Reducing Crime and Improving Education through a Comprehensive Truancy Reduction Strategy is the eighth best practice strategy investigated by the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission.

Truancy Call
Provides an automated system for tracking down truant children and informing parents. Truants are more likely to be out of work, homeless and three times more likely to offend than non-truants. Home Office Research found that 75% of boys and 50% of girls who truant just once a week have already committed offences. Truancy has costly effects to the police, courts, prisons and victims of crime.

Truancy Tracking - software for tracking attendance
Truancy Tracking is a software program designed for schools to help save time by automating truancy procedures. The program allows for entry of students' out of school activities and other absences, lates, sign ins, sign outs and detentions.

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