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You Can Handle Them All

A Discipline model for handling over one hundred different misbehavior at school and at home.Behavior management overview and foundations.The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a resource for handling student misbehavior. It presents a complete step-by-step approach to changing inappropriate student behavior to appropriate behavior.

Elements of Effective School Discipline
Element One:Promote effective classroom management.Element Two: Enact District-Wide Discipline Codes.Element Three: Enforce the Discipline Code.Element Four: Implement Programs to Modify Low-Level Student Misbehavior.Element Five: Establish Alternative Placements *Essential Characteristics of Quality Alternative Placements *Description of Effective Alternative Placement Programs.Element Six: Develop Sound Character.

Discipline K-12 at home and school
The job of shaping your children's behaviour doesn't end until they are grown. Children learn how to behave at home, and then they go to school. Discipline is not as simple as whether or not to spank. Discipline involves setting clear guidelines and then constantly reinforcing them. Consequences and rewards must always be clear.


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