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The Importance of Counselors
The services counselors provide students are connected to a comprehensive counseling model which focuses on the needs of the students in three areas of development: academic, career, and personal/social. These areas are interrelated and cannot be addressed in isolation. Comprehensive, developmental counseling services are designed for ALL students.

International Career Development Library
Project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Counseling and Student Services. Free online collection of full-text resources for counselors, educators, workforce development professionals, and others who provide career development services.

Student Counseling Centers on the Internet
This ever-expanding directory contains information on different internet resources set up by counseling centers, and how to access them directly from your own computer account.The sharing of resources such as those listed in this directory can be invaluable .We can examine what our colleagues are doing elsewhere and learn from them. The resources we make available locally will be all the more effective if we stay aware of what our colleagues are doing nationally.

High School Guidance and Counseling
Higher education reference: a list of universities, campus tours, college rankings, comprehensive free resource for student financial aid information on the Web. Free scholarship search, financial aid calculators, glossary, and bibliography. A guide to choosing majors. Sound advice on choosing your major. Includes separating myth from fact, strategies for choosing a major, and evaluating the majors/ careers you are considering.

K-12 Comprehensive Guidance And Counseling Program Model
The organization of Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Programs assists individual schools to develop and implement a coordinated approach to guidance and school counseling services. The manual describes how to move from a reactive to a proactive approach that involves the whole school, as well as parents and others, in a program based on helping all students meet their developmental needs and remain "ready to learn".

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