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Distance Education-Via Television/Videoconferencing

A Blend of Technologies For Education
PBS Mathline is a teacher resource service of public television utilizing the power of telecommunications to provide quality resources and services to teachers of mathematics grades, K-12.Mathline brings the most recent advances in instructional techniques to teachers.

New Definitions, Old Challenges, New Resources
Using technology, some K-12 schools have created professional development collaborations with universities located too far away for regular visitations.Through a real-time, two-way television linkage. The network makes it possible for teacher education candidates to observe live classroom instruction without leaving the school.Montana supports connections between its 15 regional training centers with a telecommunications network.

Knowledge Network Instructional Television
The NHPTV Knowledge Network is a innovative provider of technology and programming for a broad range of K-12 educational initiatives -- from teacher training to advanced telecommunications.Instructional Television A wide variety of programs selected by New Hampshire educators to correlate to the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks. Tape Library Videotapes of instructional programs are available for both loan and purchase to enrolled schools.

The Step*Star Network
Produces interactive educational programming delivered by satellite and cable television. Professional development offerings are primarily geared to K-12 educators and parents. In addition to its televised coursework, the network maintains a significant on-line component that is used for testing, data exchange, messaging, research, and group projects.

Inquiry Learning-Teaching Method
PBS Scienceline can help science educators reflect on how they teach, connect them with other science educators, and provide them with information and resources to support them professionally. Scienceline combines video and online technologies to put the inquiry learning teaching method into the hands of the educator.

STAR-Online Resources
STAR-Online supports teachers with anytime/anyplace resources via an online Virtual Teaching and Learning Community (VTLC). The VTLC utilizes blended technologies to provide preservice, new and veteran teachers online training modules, resources, support and communication links necessary for continued success in the classroom.

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