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Meeting Challenges in Education

Courses are designed to help educators respond to current challenges in education. Taught according to adult learning principles and grounded in current educational research, most courses are highly experiential and interactive, allowing each educator a hands-on practical approach to learning.

Professional Development Needs
From the convenience of home, school or anywhere..Enroll in an OnlineLearning.net professional development course and you cancomplete your certification requirements. Advance your career with a program certificate from an accredited institution. Gain expertise in new subject areas. Network with colleagues from across the nation.

Positive Impact on Teaching
Backed by the world’s largest educational publisher, Pearson Education, SkyLight weaves a vast repertoire of content and intellectual property into professional development programs that provide immediate impact in the classroom and lasting, measurable results for teachers and students alike.

E-Learnig for Interaction & Facilitation
E-learning is defined as any form of learning that utilizes a network for delivery, interaction, or facilitation . The network could be the Internet, a school or college LAN or even a corporate WAN . eLearners.com deals with all types of learning that fall within this broad definition of e-learning.

The Institute of Computer Technology
Offers online instructional technology training courses with university graduate level credit designed for K-12 teachers, in partnership with three major accredited universities (California Polytechnic State University, Univ. of California at San Diego, and Sonoma State University).

Subscribe to Connected University
Join Connected University an online professional development community, providing educators with courses, learning resources, just-in-time support, and a convenient way to interact with peers nationwide as you work to integrate technology and improve student learning in your classroom

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