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SMART (Student Managment And Record Tracking)
Teacher Online Newsgroups: Is there something you would like to discuss with your fellow teachers? The Hacienda La Puente Teacher Newsgroup is a great way to share information, ask questions and meet other teachers here at the school district. Make sure you have your browser set to get news from news.hlpusd.k12.ca.us and visit one of these newsgroups.For joining and other support ask at ncs@hlpusd.k12.ca.us.

Google Groups
Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums.Google offers complete 20-year Usenet Archive with over 700 million messages.Google Groups provides web based access to Usenet. You cannot use a regular newsreader to access the service. You can, however, access Google Groups from any web browser.

Teachers talking about learning
To learn by reading and doing activities is fine, but sometimes a few challenging or supportive words from a colleague can provide the motivation needed to develop a truly meaningful understanding.With this in mind, one of the key features of this Web site is the Teachers Talking Online Community where they discuss issues of teaching and learning.

Field Trips
The Field Trip ChatBoard is a discussion board for discussions related to academic and recreational field trips, excursions, and tours.


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