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The Geometry Forum's moderated discussion groups are available via the WWW and also as traditional Internet newsgroups. They carry eight groups about geometry -- geometry.announcements, geometry.college, geometry.forum, geometry.institutes, geometry.pre-college, geometry.puzzles, geometry.research, and geometry.software.dynamic .The most active newsgroup we have is geometry.pre-college. Here teachers, students, educators, and researchers talk about all sorts of topics concerning pre-college geometry, especially, but not limited to, the high school curriculum.

Newsgroup Categories
A Teacher's Guide To USENET.Seven broad classifications of newsgroups are generally circulating around the entire USENET. Each of these broad categories is further organized into groups and subgroups according to topics. The seven major categories are listed and described.

Teachers' Place
The Teachers' Place: Here you'll find good resources for teaching math at all levels. This space is not only for teachers, but has also been built in part by teachers. Explore thebSelf-guided Tour for features and services of special interest to educators, or apply to join the Teacher2Teacher Service.

k12.chat.teacher Usenet Group
Offers K12 teachers, parents, college students, professors of education, K12 students and others worldwide a forum to discuss issues, experiences and practices in K12 education, public and private.The k12.chat.teacher newsgroup is a great place for teachers to seek advice, discuss classroom experiences, and share the tricks of the trade.Although anyone can join the group,most of the members are active or retired K12 teachers.

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