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Study of Invention and Innovation
This site is for Teachers looking to inspire their students with stories of inventors and the history of inventions. Centerpieces features online exhibits about science and technology. Articles about modern day inventors are available,browse lessons about inventions, history, and technology.

Teachers effort to integrate technology into the curriculum they have taken time to put together a website to share their ideas with each other. The units created fit into the curriculum for high school English, mathematics, and science.

Resources on Arts, Science,Music, Mathbr> The site has vast resource on Lesson Plans/Tutorials.Curriculum Resources on Art ,Music,Science,Math,Social Studies,Foreign language,Library & Media,Virtual Field Trips,Bilingual Ed & ESL,English Composition & Literature.

Student Science Enrichment Program
The site provides creative science enrichment activities for students in the 6th through 12th grades. Students who participate in these hands-on projects experience science such as studying the ocean aboard a 45-foot research vessel or working alongside physicians.

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LessonSeer.com is a tool which will help you find specific lesson plans on the internet with a single search rather than the time consuming task of searching for available web sites and then searching those sites for a specific plan.LessonSeer.com takes your search term and checks leading education sites on the internet, returning not only the plans that match your search but also direct links to those sites and available lesson plans.

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