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The Sunshine Room
A preschool learning environment with online and downloadable games and activities and printable worksheets. A fun place for toddlers to learn Preschool - PreKindergarten skills. Teach shapes, colors, comparisons, counting, and more in interesting and innovative way.

Free Educational Software to Teach Alphabet
Letters, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using Sound, Pictures and Video Clips.Can be used at Home, Kindergartens, Preschools and Schools for free.It can be downloaded and installed on your PC.

Online Greeting Card For Kids
Online e-cards covering the holidays and birthdays. There are also floral cards, java and flash game cards, and cards that will teach kids in a different way.

Printable Thematic Units
More than 200 original teacher-tested lesson plans organized by several popular themes; use for planning thematic units. Growing collection of worksheets and pages that can be printed and used with your lesson plans.

Tools For Teachers

This is the place for kids, parents, teachers. The site has ideas for basics like reading, comprehension, writing, handwriting. Theme units :habitats, animals, Holidays, Sports, Countries, States, and more..., Research Forms, Report Helpers, Book Report Forms, Maps, Flags and many such useful tools.


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