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Site for School Grant opportunities

SchoolGrants' K-12 Grant Opportunities offers information for K-12 teachers & administrators about current state, federal & foundation funding opportunities. News & links of interest to educators are available. The SchoolGrants focus is primarily schools within the United States. There are, however, often opportunities available that extend to Canada.

Guide to US Department of Education Programs
A ready reference guide for education funds allocated by Congress to the US Department of Education. Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program,Field-Initiated Studies Education Research Grant Program,International Research and Studies

Education Grants program by Apple Computer
Apple in last 20 years has awarded $30 million to 550 schools and institutions. The Apple Education Grants program sought to support schools that demonstrated innovative ways to use technology in the classroom, and who would have limited or no access to technology. In addition, they required collaborations between K-12 schools and institutions that delivered ongoing teacher professional development.

Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships

Designed to provide professional development opportunities for women public school teachers; improve girls’ learning opportunities, especially in math, science, and technology; and promote equity and long-term change in classrooms, schools, and school systems. A range of program options allows flexible funding opportunities.

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