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Misconception between Technology Education and Educational Technology
There is much confusion today when attempting to understand the differences between technology education and educational technology. Both are important components of education; however, the confusion harms both fields of study. This article, written by William E. Dugger, Jr. (ITEA)and Nitin Naik (CoTF) will provide clarification about the purpose and direction of technology education and educational technology as well as the standards used in both educational areas.

National Standards for History
The National Standards for History, Basic Edition, provides a rich resource that teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists will wish to draw upon in designing history courses as well as state and local standards and guidelines.The voluntary guidelines represent the work of more than thirty professional organizations and scores of history teachers from across the nation.

Developing Educational Standards
The growth of the Internet has given the chance to index the sources of information about standards in one place and place that information at anyone's electronic fingertips.The site has established this page as a subject wise and state wise repository for as much information about educational standards and curriculum frameworks from all sources.

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