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Vocab-Flash Two 1.0
Nine engaging and fun vocabulary practice activities in one program, including: Electronic Crosswords!, Blind Tiles, Code Breaker, Speed Type, Slot Machine, Freeze-It, Jail Break, -Cannon Shot, and BreakThru! The games are all designed to improve spelling skills, comprehension, and keyboarding skills.

Multi Maze Mountain
Multi Maze Mountain is a computer game dealing with the multiplication tables.The first level is about the tables 1 and 10 and with each level two tables are added except for the highest level which has all tables from 1 to 20.

Chemix School
CHEMIX School is an educational tool for learning chemistry. It is geared toward college-level chemistry, but is also appropriate for high-school students, chemists, and teachers. It is equipped with a periodic table, molecular 3-D viewer, curve fit, conversion table, dictionary, and advanced calculators for molecules, thermochemistry, electrochemistry, weak acid/base/buffers, solubility (Ksp), gas equations, spectroscopy and stoichiometry.

Economic Education Web
Teaching resources for K-12 or pre-college economics.The database of teaching resources connects concepts to standards to lessons. Econ Web Projects are suggestions for economics projects for students using the web. Finally, if you are looking for information that might be on other websites, look in Supporting Resources.

Inspiration Premier Tool To Develop Ideas And Organize Thinking
Inspiration Software, Inc.Is the publisher of visual thinking and learning tools for K-12 education. They strive to make a positive difference in peoples' lives by developing and publishing innovative, quality software tools that help students learn to think.If the tools interest you you can request for a quote.

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