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The NCATE accreditation system is a voluntary peer review process that involves a comprehensive evaluation of the professional education unit the school, college, department or bodies that are primarily responsible for the preparation of teachers and other professional school personnel.

Get Certified
The most important thing you'll need to know when considering a career as a teacher is how to get certified. This site goes through the entire process, from certification to lesson plans, so that a candidate will know what to expect and how to prepare for a career in teaching.

Masters with Initial Certification Curriculum& Instruction
The MIC program offers the opportunity to acquire a master's degree and initial certification for all three levels of education: primary, middle, and secondary.In addition, you will have substantial experience in technology and curriculum matters. The MIC foreign language program will prepare you for all of the challenges of your new and exciting career in your language(s).

Report That Compares US Teaching Policies with 8 Nations

The professional in-service training, requirements and responsibilities of American K-12 teachers outweigh those of teachers in many developed nations,according to Teachers' Professional Lives -- A View from Nine Industrialized Countries, a new report by the Schools Around the World program of the Council for Basic Education.

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