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ESL Start-up Kit
Some aspects of the English language make it difficult to learn -for native and non-native speakers alike.An Adult Basic Education teacher -even one experienced in a multi-level ABE class faces a special kind of challenge when beginning to work with one ESL learner or a group of ESL students. This start-up kit has been compiled to help teachers new to ESL instruction or new to ESL instruction in the ABE setting.

Teaching English As a Foreign Language
The site offers details about teaching english as a foreign language.It also Prepares students to be English teachers.Listed is a directory of institutions offering TEFL (TESOL) courses in Britain, for native and/ or nonnative speakers.

Information and Advice on Teaching English Overseas
FAQ's About TEFL to FAQs about becoming a teacher of English overseas. This site also has an overview about overseas TEFL job market for American and Canadian teachers, training / certification details in US & Canada.

Englishclub.com Teachers' Room

Online club for EFL/ESL teachers.The english club.com Teachers' Room, a refuge for ESL teachers.Join the Teachers' Room to plan your lessons, find resources, read articles on TEFL or talk to other teachers.

TEFL/TESL Certificate and Diploma Courses by Distance Learning
There are more opportunities for a trained English Language Teacher than ever before, and the ELC is able to offer a choice of established international courses, an up-to-date Distance Learning Courses worldwide.

Requirements for TEFL Certification
To Teach english qualifications are not always essential,in certain parts of the world and for certain schools. In some countries, simply being a native speaker of English is enough. In others, a university degree in any subject, without any teaching or English qualifications, will suffice. Having said that, there is no doubt that a recognized TEFL qualification of some kind will open more doors, more rapidly, in more countries and at higher salaries.

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