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The Picture History of Great Inventors
Gillian Clements
This visual catalog of the technical achievements that have shaped our lives is illustrated with hundreds of colorful, informative cartoon-style drawings. From the unknown inventor of the wheel to scientists at work on tomorrow's space stations, nearly 50 major inventors are featured.

Net Lessons helps teachers reap the benefits of the World Wide Web in their classrooms by providing advice, experience, and project ideas of veteran Web users and curriculum experts. It includes scores of tried and true lesson ideas for grades kindergarten through 12, organized by subject and level, with tips for adapting lesson plans to different age groups.
Net Lessons. Web-Based Projects for Your Classroom
Laura Parker Roerden, Sheryl Avruch

The Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web-2nd edition
Marjan Glavac
Marjan Glavac writes with the understanding that teachers want to use the Internet, but do not have the time to sit and surf. An hour with this book and your computer will make you enough of an expert to guide students and fellow colleagues in their searches for web sites. Glavac includes sections on how to use the Internet, Internet projects, searching and finding information on the Internet and creating websites for your school.
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