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Arthur Bornstein's Memory Training Course
Arthur Bornstein
This book is a complete memory training course for readers of all ages. It shows readers how to develop a superior memory for the retention of names and faces, numeric data, vocabulary and languages, and facts of all kinds. Specific methods for remembering thousands of facts and ideas including historical, geographical, biblical and technical data.

The human mind can remember an infinite number of images. In addition, the human mind tends to remember the "unusual." By focusing his learning technique upon these two physiological facts, Mr. Lucas has created a powerful system. He provides multiple exercises to practice the new techniques.

Learning How to Learn : The Ultimate Learning and Memory Instruction
Jerry Lucas

Engaging Ideas : The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom

John C. Bean

Useful pedagogical "storehouse" of ideas that teachers can use in their classrooms. Not only does the text provide the theory behind collaborative/cooperative approaches to teaching, but it provides such ideas for a wide array of subjects. Anyone who values the teaching of writing--whatever the subject area--will find good value in Bean's text.


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