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A Resource Guide for Teaching K-12
Richard D. Kellough
Using a practical "workbook" approach with an active learning focus, this comprehensive, yet concise, resource guide is designed to engage students in "hands-on" and "minds-on" learning about effective teaching. Set around the four components of learning to teach -- why, what, how, and how well -- it focuses on an eclectic approach to teaching -- with a cognitive-humanistic emphasis.

Provides secondary educators with the information and skills to establish management systems in today's richly multicultural classroom. It addresses the planning decisions teachers make, including arranging the physical space, planning and conducting instruction, encouraging appropriate behavior, and using good communication skills with care to the increasingly ethnically diverse classroom profile.

Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers
Edmund T. Emmer Carolyn M. Evertson Murray E. Worsham

Winning Strategies for Classroom Management
Carol Bradford Cummings
In Winning Strategies For Classroom Management, Carol Cummings offers thoughtful, practical advices. Her practical examples show how effective classroom management results in motivated students exhibiting self-discipline, perseverance, and who take responsibility for their learning. Cummings' approach to classroom management proactively addresses discipline and behavior problems.

This book gives teachers the tools to transform chaotic classrooms into peaceful environments where learning can really happen. Praised by parents and teachers alike for his lively and humorous approach, author Dr. Robert J. MacKenzie shows readers how to set clear, firm limits, end classroom power struggles, communicate rules, encourage cooperation, and teach problem-solving skills.
Setting Limits in the Classroom: How to Move Beyond the Classroom
Dance of Discipline

Robert J. MacKenzie


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