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They All Laughed:From Light Bulbs to Lasers : The Fascinating Stories Behind the Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives
Ira Flatow
An enlightening, fun look at scientific discoveries and the often wacky and accidental ways in which they have led to some of the most important inventions. An entertaining and informative tour of the laboratories, institutes, and beauty salons of science.

This book is about dedicated teachers who unselfishly give their time, money and talents to make a difference for children. The humorous, full-color illustrations point out all those "extra things" educators do "when no one is looking".
What Teachers Do When No One is Looking
Jim Grant, Patrick Belfiori (Illustrator), Irv Richardson

If You're Riding a Horse and It dies, Get off
Char Forsten, Jim Grant
This is a humorous allegory about education, well-intentioned people with unrealistic ideas, and a dead horse. Confused? The book will help explain. This caricature highlights the many "solutions" offered to the educational world.
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