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Newton once said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Mankind progresses by building on the knowledge acquired by previous generations.

Schools and teachers have the unenviable task of teaching to their students in a span of about 15 years, all the knowledge that mankind has gathered over more than 3000 years! In this process, distortions are bound to occur; gaps in the process of learning and teaching are bound to appear. As a result, at times, our schools, teachers and education system appear/become ineffective and inadequate.

We launch cheapest online trading platform south africa upon this endeavour to add to the education space available.

Edison's Laboratory, New Jersey, USAOur attempt here is to walk beside the students, and relive the excitement of discovering what we these days either assume or accept without much argument. In earlier times, the diameter of the earth was calculated with commonsensical observation, without the use of complex mathematics or modern devices. What did Science believe to be cause for an apple to fall to ground before Newton came out with his theories? What was the need to invent the concepts of logarithms, quadratic equations, calculus etc.?

It is a common saying that necessity is the mother of invention. Did all knowledge that mankind now possesses, arise from physical needs alone? Or is curiosity also a need of human beings, as critical as their physical needs. In our view, it is man's physical needs combined with his metaphysical needs that led to the pursuit and accumulation of knowledge. 

We plan to structure our content around the school curricula. This will help us connect with our audience better and make the process of learning at schools, from teachers, from parents, and through books more rewarding. Join us as students, teachers, parents, educators, and curious observers or as anybody who has a stake in the future of mankind and let us attempt to live the past 3000 years.

Study Material :

Check out our chapter on Quadratic Equations for class X, CBSE students. It gives you a taste of things to come in this section. Don't just solve the quadratic equations: Ask why do you need to learn quadratic equations? Where are these used in day to day life; and what is the history of quadratic equations?

Quick Guide helps you review and revise in minutes all that you have learnt.

Last Minute helps you handle the pressures that all students feel just on the eve of the examinations.

StudyTools :

Periodic Table : Check out the Periodic Table to see atomic number, electro-negativity, orbital, oxidation number, Atomic mass, melting/boiling point, Electronic shells, Isotopes, atomic radius, and names of discoverer of all the elements of Periodic table on a single screen, at one place.

qEquationSolver : When you solved a Quadratic Equation, did you also think of Calculating Discriminant, shape of parabola, and the position of Vertex of parabola. Try solving and plotting quadratic equations using our qEquationsolver.

Conversion table : 5 joules are how many calories? or how many horse power? or how many watt hours? And how many British Thermal Units? One Pascal is how many pounds per square inch? Our Conversion Table helps you out.

ActiveMath : Have you forgotten the proof that three sides on a triangle add up to 180 degrees? Try our activeMath, and hopefully you will not forget it again. Check our sine, cosine and tangent curves for a special treat.

Online Dictionaries : What is the meaning of word 'iconoclast' as per Webster, Oxford, Yourdictionary, Webopaedia, Thesaurus, Allwords, Wordsmyth, and Check all these dictionaries simultaneously here.

Exam Alerts :

When is the calendar for next SAT or GMAT examination? What is the last date for admission to Stanford's next fall session? When is Common Admission Test for admissions to IIMs scheduled? Check it out on our site on examAlerts or ask the alerts to be delivered to you by email.

For Teachers :

And for teachers? You are teaching Calculus to class XI tomorrow. Find out the best available resources to help you handle your class better at TeacherPlanet. What are the mustReads?

"Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace."
These are the opening lines of a speech that the US President Richard Nixon would have delivered, had the Apollo 11 mission failed, and the crew perished. The Nixon administration was fully prepared for such a contingency. Read this and many more speeches in our greatSpeeches section.

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